The Musicians

Lydenskab is a Denmark-based international group of producing
classical musicians.
The six musicians in Lydenskab specialise in breaking the formalities and
conventions which surround classical music.
Lydenskab present classical music produced in projects focusing on
cross-artistic cooperation.
The principal aim of Lydenskab is to break down the traditional idea of
a concert hall and to create a new atmosphere in which to showcase
new, bold and exciting cross genre and music focussed performances.
Lydenskab produces projects and concerts for the established scenes
as the Roya Theater in Copenhagen and music festivals, but also on
new platforms in projects and scenes that interact with local
Our music embraces a wide field of performance, from original classical
music to recent experimental music, constantly seeking ways to
communicate and engage contemporary society.
Lydenskab were founded in 2011and play approx. 30-40 concerts each
Following several collaborations over recent years, 2017 saw the
inclusion of Laura Bowler and Carola Schaal as official members of
Musicians in Lydenskab:
Thea Vesti (DK, based in Aarhus) – guitar
Sofia Olsson (SE/DK, based in Aarhus) – violincello
Karolina Leedo (EST/DK, based in Copenhagen) – flutes
Mads Uldall (DK, based in Aarhus) – double bass
Carola Schaal (D, based in Hamburg) – clarinets and performer
Laura Bowler (UK, based in Manchester)- vocalist and composer


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