Reach Me!

Lydenskab is proud to present the first part of Reach Me! – a project that support cultural identity in the society by creating meetings between professional artists and citizens.

From the 9th-15th April the innovative ensemble Lydenskab creates workshops and seminars in an intense week in Aarhus together with the american ensemble Decoda. The title of the project is Reach Me! which covers both the audience’s desire to meet the classical music up close and the ensembles desire to enter into a social context and create new platforms for classical music and cross art.

Each activity during the week has a specific focus on different audience groups, that the ensembles work hard and closely with during workshops and seminars, resulting in concerts and co-creation.

Decoda is a NYC-based chamber music collective and the first ever Affiliate Ensemble of Carnegie Hall.  Specializing in innovative and interactive community engagement through music, Decoda was recently invited to the White House to perform and discuss their criminal justice initiative, Music for Transformation.

During the week we will work on the following:

Workshops at public schools in Aarhus Vest. April 11th–13th, Katrinebjerg school, Hasle School and Tovshøj School

Lydenskab and Decoda collaborate with Aarhus Music School to give workshops at three public schools in Aarhus Vest. Four classes from Katrinebjerg School, Tovshøj School and the string orchestra Musiksak from Hasle School attends the workshop. The workshops works with the winning proposals from Reach Me! Call by Edward Henderson, UK, Santa Bušs, LVA and Filip C. Melo, SE/DK. The participating children and the professional musicians will be musical co-creators of the pieces and will explore the pieces interactive part between players and listeners. The workshops are based on playful creativity and exploration of instruments and sounds within the possibilities of each group of children.

Workshops and concert with refugees living in Aarhus.  Concert at April 14th 7:30pm, Festsalen, Olof Palmes Allé 35, Aarhus

During a 2 day workshop Decoda Ensemble and Lydenskab will work closely together with 4 refugees with the purpose of creating a concert where our history, identy and stories will be portrayed in music. The music will be composed during the workshop by the refugees with guidance by the musicians from the ensembles. The workshops and concert is arranged in collaboration with Danish Refugee Council and Aarhus Kommune.

Seminar: Developing cities through arts and culture. April 15th 10am-3pm, Godsbanen, Aarhus. Open seminar concert at 2pm.

The seminar is addressing the municipalities in Denmark and will show specific cases and ideas on how to make cultural projects and developing culture in the cities. The presenters are the ensembles Lydenskab (DK) and Decoda (US) both specialized in making projects with specific audience groups, and Jesper Kofoed-Melson from the organization GiveSpace specialized in using abandoned buildings for growing local cultural life.

“Reach Me! is supported by Kulturudviklingspuljen i Aarhus, Danish Arts Foundation, Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.”