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Lydenskab creates productions and concerts – big projects and small events, in which classical music is showcased in various ways. Read more about our productions by clicking the descriptions below.

PROTOTYPE/PROTOCOL – Martin Hall, Lydenskab, Maiken Kildegaard and Staal Film in a new production performing in November 2014. Read more about it (link)

Martin Hall & Lydenskab

Prototype/Protocol is a cross-aesthetic encounter between author and musician Martin Hall, the avantgarde ensemble Lydenskab, Staal Film and Maiken Kildegaard. Theatre, music, poetry and film in an intense interplay.

Prototype/Protocol is a story about the broken chain of coherence between three generations – a fragmented and highly personal protocol of remembrances, consisting of letters, real footage and fictionalized memories. Through movie clips, recitings of text and an ever changing musical framework a narrative is created about the impact one persons loss of hope can have on future generations.

August 21st at Odense Spoken Word Festival. Tickets here (link)

Performances 2015

November 14th at KØS – Museum for kunst i det offentlige Rum, Køge

November 16th at Gran Teater for Dans, Aarhus

November 21st at Københavns Musikteater

Martin Hall: Voice

Maiken Kildegaard: Participant

Eskild Winding: Piano etc. (Lydenskab)

Thea Vesti: Guitar (Lydenskab)

Sofia Lind Pedersen: Cello (Lydenskab)

Michael Staal Dinesen/Staal Film: Video

GAIA – Lilibeth Cuanca Rasmussen and Lydenskab, musik by Pete Drungle. Produced for the Wundergrund Festival 2013. Premiere at Skuespilhuset, The Royal Danish Theatre.

YOUroLAND – A newly written requiem by Christoffer Møller for an ensemble of musicians and Andrea Pellegrini. Musicians: Christoffer Møller, Lars Skjærbæk and Lydenskab. Interactive media design by Signe Klejs. Words by author Josefine Klougart. Premiere SPOT 2013

YOUroLAND – A requiem as a cross-media concert performance of new Danish music by producer, musician and composer Christoffer Møller for an ensemble consisting of Andrea Pellegrini, Lars Skjærbæk, Christoffer Møller and LYDENSKAB. The piece is organized around the latin text from Requiem in a contemporary interpretation by Josefine Klougart. The performance is staged with interactive media designs by Signe Klejs. The performance was commissioned for the SPOT festival 2013 at Musikhuset, Aarhus and on that occasion a CD of the performance was recorded. CD and the artistic proces has been backed by ROSA.

Europe * a place within us

The new requiem tries to capture the European individual. Vi travel through a lost Centraleurope in ennui, hopelessness, a longing towards “a state of peace”. This we will do by creating a different version of a concert, where writers, composers, musicians and a virtuel designer work together towards a shared expression. The performance stems from the textual universe of the latin mass “Sequence”, a collection of verse that traditionally has been used in classical requiem masses such as Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) and Lacrimosa dies illa (Mournful That Day).

The finished pieces will be moulded into visual interpretations by an interactive media designer, which will be projected onto large screens during the concert.

The body of sound is complex and crosses through genres by forming an ensemble consisting of classical musicians and a rock band, with singer Andrea Pellegrini at the front. The composer and producer has his roots in both classical and rhythmic music, and the chosen musicians possess an openness to alternative approaches to music/different use of their instruments, the performance space and to other methods of instruction.

Nine musicians and an interactive designer will perform in the final concert. The concert is highly mobile and can be performed in schools, concert venues, museums, work spaces, town halls etc. The intention is to reach a wider audience in concert venues large and small and present a performance, which breaks with genre within a larger theme.

POP UP – Concert halls. Lydenskab seizes abandoned and empty hospitals, town halls and shops, creating temporary concert halls.

THE JOURNEY – cross-media performance with digital design by Signe Klejs. Music by Kristina Holgersen and Morten Ladehoff.

“THE JOURNEY” is a performance created for LYDENSKAB through the bringing together of a digital media artist and two composers, one from the classical tradition and one from the rhythmic tradition.

The traditional concert hall has been deconstructed, images are projected onto the walls as landscapes rushing past, apples are eaten, people demand our attention, thoughts go flying … we fell asleep on the shoulder of a stranger … and at the end of the journey we emerge on the platform as people, who for an instant paid a visit in each others lives.

Music: Kristina Holgersen, Morten Ladehoff. Visuals: Signe Klejs. LYDENSKAB: Eskild Skovbakke WInding, The Vesti Pedersen, Karolina Leedo og Sofia Lind Pedersen.

CITY ARTISTS OF HORSENS – Lydenskab has been elected City Artists in Horsens and will produce a series of performances and concerts in the city.

coOPERAtions – 4 young opera composers challenge opera as a genre and LYDENSKAB are fortunate enough to be a part of it. AUT acts as facilitator in the proces taking place in 2012/2013


AUT, Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere, presents the work of 4 young opera composers in a series of illustrated and staged readings.

With the title “CoOPERAtions” pieces/excerpts from pieces will be staged by young composers at Godsbanen, Aarhus during the season of 2012/13.

Each piece will be dealt with in depth through intense workshops. These sessions will be planned and carried out in cooperation with the composer of each piece and either stage manager and performance artist Annika B. Lewis or mezzo-soprano and performer Christina Dahl. Each piece will be given 5 production days and 2 performance days, and two composers will be presented in the fall of 2012 and two in the spring of 2013. The main production concept will be developed by AUT in cooperation with Den Jyske Opera and the ensemble LYDENSKAB.

The visual expression at the performances will be based on each piece and will revolve around the stage space at Godsbanen. Elements including projections, the marking of smaller stage elements and moodbased lighting will be incorporated in the visual design.

Musical gourmet travels MADHOSMADS & LYDENSKAB – read about our upcoming events with the man who interprets the music of Lydenskab in food, master chef Mads Valentin from MadhosMads.

Baroque Bubbles and Gourmet Pearls

The people are starving, they have no bread!

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche

-Marie Antoinette

Enter a lush and sated universe in which pearls of scent, taste and pleasure will burst in bubbles of classical notes and musical performances. Emerge yourself in the splendours of the past, reinvent yourself as an aristocrat and wine and dine in the palace of the Baroque.

Music and food are the ingredients in this feast of the senses, created as a performance heavily inspired by the parties of Marie Antoinette at the Chateau de Versailles. The French queen was both noted and notorius for her parties which were a cornucopia of food and pleasure.

The traditional concert stage has been dismantled and the musicians will be giving their performances up close and very personal. The quests will savour the interpretations of the music created by the chef. At other times the musicians will interpret the dinner. A night where everything takes place in a tight interplay between the musicians and the guests of the evening.

“Baroque Bubbles & Gourmet Pearls” is presented in a cooperation between the skilled soloists from Lydenskab and the creative chef Mads Valentin from madhosmads.dk in an extraordinary set up framed by Filmbyens Studie 2.

Enjoy, taste, smell and listen like you have never done before.

“Baroque Pearls and Gourmet Bubbles”

An interdisciplinary cooperation between musicians from Lydenskab and chef Mads Valentin from madhosmads.dk.

Classical music performed and interpreted by the skilled soloists from Lydenskab. To be enjoyed and tasted alongside a gourmet meal heavily inspired by the parties of Marie Antoinette at the Chateau de Versailles.

Venue: Filmbyen Aarhus

Time: March 17th at 7 PM

Price: 750 kr. per person including music, meal and wine.

Seat reservations at madoglydenskab@gmail.com

Watch amateur footage from our last production with Mads Valentin

APARTMENT CONCERTS – Lydenskab performs where people are present, even when they are at home.

INSTRUMENTAL MAN – a performance with artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and composer Katrine Møllebæk.

Instrumental Man

“Instrumental Man” is a performance which examines the decline of male dominance in the western world. In a new, artistic cooperation between Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, composer Katrine Møllebæk and the ensemble Lydenskab, the contemporary male is described in performative portraits with an artistic expression ranging from pure performance to classical composition music. “Instrumental Man was” performed at ACTS: Festival for Performance Art in Roskilde on June 17th 2012 and has since been performed at Horsens Kunstmuseum, Gimle, Kvindemuseet in Aarhus and at international performance festivals. The piece was produced at Kulturmetroen in Horsens.

Watch a video of “Instrumental Man”

In “Instrumental Man” Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen performs as various characters depicting a range of men expressing themselves. Each character is given a theme specifying the challenges of each man. In her artistic work, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen examines tensions within socialization and humanistic approaches by questioning hierarchies of class and structures of power within a given society. Cuenca Rasmussen is interested in freedom of speech, human rights, the function of the individual and patterns of socialization, especially within the greater framework of society.

The Ensemble (allerede oversat)

The Board

Kristina Holgersen: Composer, writer and singer. Writes for and participates in musical publications and interdisciplinary projects. Teaches entrepeneurship at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg. She is member of various boards and counsils in a series of Danish music organizations.

Christian Schrøder: Chairman of the board of Lydenskab. Musician, actor and artistic leader of Teaterværkstedet Madam Bach. Chairman of the board of Teater Refleksion, Lydenskab and Assitej Danmark. He is a member of the B&U committee and the Kontrolkommissionen at TIO/Teatrenes Interesse Organisation and a member of Leith Society & Leith Circle.

Jesper Busk Sørensen: Jesper Busk Sørensen holds the position as 2nd Trombone with The Berlin Philharmonic and is a member of The Philharmonic Brass Ensemble and Danish Trombone Quartet, with whom he has given first performances of several pieces. JBS has been part of the board of Lydenskab from the very beginning.

Anders Søndergaard: Vice-chairman of the board of Lydenskab. Entrepeneur with two businesses in the making. He currently works as a freelancer for Shareplay, where he works with developing the digital, creative businesses in the west of Denmark. Among other things he has worked as a producer at Aarhus Festuge and as head of the festival SPOT Film. He is a member of the board of World Music Denmark and a cofounder of Lydenskab.

Thorbjørn Carl Hjalager. Actor and director. Teacher at Ry Højskole and entrepeneur with a quirky mind.


Lydenskab is fortunate to have a series of good friends and partners, whom we enjoy working with. Below you will find a selection of them.

Sorten Muld

Kulturby 2017


Sangens Hus


Teitur, singer and composer

Laboratoriet, Barbara Simonsen

Eyvind Gulbrandsen, composer

Andrea Pellegrini, mezzo-soprano and composer

John Frandsen, composer

Ursula Andkjær Olsen, author

Martin Hall, artist

STAAL film, film director

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, artist

Christoffer Brekne, film director

Don*Gnu, dance

Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere


Kristina Holgersen, composer and singer

Morten Ladehoff, composer and organist

Line Tjørnhoj, composer

Signe Klejs – Cygne, interactive media artist


Nikolaj Busk, folk musician and composer

Bora Bora


The Municipality of Aarhus

The Municipality of Odder


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